A new year, let’s make some resolutions

Wow, 2014 has been one hell of a year. I can remember saying out loud, this time last year, “ah well, I guess 2013 just wasn’t our year to get pregnant”. Little did we know it would only be other 6 weeks before we would be jumping up and down after a positive pregnancy test. I spent the majority of 2014 pregnant. It was by far the most life changing, exciting and scary year I’ve ever had. Now it’s coming to a close and there is a whole year of unknown experiences ahead. I can’t wait.

In the past, like many people, I would compile a list of New Years Resolutions. And every year my list had the same 3 things at the top – lose a couple kgs, drink less alcohol, save more money. Well I have realised that this years resolutions will have to be a little different. Here’s why those 3 things won’t be on my list for 2015.

Lose a couple kgs – Since being pregnant I’ve come to realise that I never had a terrible body. My BMI was perfectly within range and I ate quite a healthy and predominately vegetarian diet. I think I have a new found respect for my body and it’s capabilities. Since having Oscar, I have gradually returned to my pre pregnancy weight without any effort or conscious thought. This is probably due to the breastfeeding as I sure as hell haven’t found time to get out and go running. My diet for the past couple of months has been shocking. I feel as if I am constantly filing up on chocolate and ice cream, both of which I had no interest in before I was pregnant. There have been a few times lately where I’ve actually made myself sick from eating too much of this junk so I would like to improve in that area. I hate to think that Oscar isn’t getting the right nutrients from my milk because I’m being a lazy snacker. Losing weight however doesn’t make my new years resolutions list and come to think about it, at the weight I was, probably never should have.

Drink less alcohol – Breastfeeding is a sure fire way limit booze intake. Oscar flat out refuses to drink formula (we have tried 3 different types) now. So if I plan to drink alcohol, I need to express breast milk beforehand which I find so tedious and time consuming. On top of that, Oscar doesn’t like drinking from bottles. We have two different bottle teats but he hates both and just spends time chewing on them and spitting them out instead of drinking. It’s stressful. We recently had Candice’s Christmas party so her parents came over to babysit and during that time Oscar did drink EBM from the bottle but it took a bit of convincing. Oscar simply will not drink it if it’s me trying to feed it to him. I’m pretty sure the little bugger knows that I have an even fresher source of milk that I’m denying him. So basically, drinking alcohol just isn’t worth the hassle.

Save more money – I’m just going to be frank and honest here. What money? Candice is the sole income earner and once she pays our mortgage repayments, utilities, phone/internet, and food shopping there is very little left to ‘save’. We are lucky enough that she is able to pay for these things on her own, enabling me to stay at home with Oscar for the first year of his life. Until I return to work in September, saving anything extra is the last thing on our minds.

So those are the 3 things that WON’T be on my list for 2015 but here are 3 things that WILL be.

Be more social – I would like to put in more of an effort with seeing friends and family on a regular basis. Now that we have Oscar, it’s harder to get out and about but I don’t want to let that be an excuse to become antisocial. Being off work means I don’t get that regular outside adult interaction so there is serious potential for me to become a hermit. I’m not part of mothers group either so I will need to consciously make an effort to call people up and make lunch dates.

Use the DLSR camera – A few years ago, Candice bought me a Nikon DSLR camera and while I used it loads to begin with, over time it has started to gather dust. It’s just so convenient to snap photos on my iPhone. I’ve come to realise that I will absolutely kick myself when Oscar is older if every single one of our photos of him are of crappy phone quality. So a resolution I have for 2015 is to complete a photo a day challenge. Subject? Oscar, of course. Shouldn’t be too hard given that I already take a dozen photos of him a day on my phone. I just need to make sure I pick up the Nikon and use that instead.

Blog regularly – I’ve been writing on here for over a year now but there have been times where I get stuck and then just don’t write for a few weeks. I’ve always managed at least 1 post a month but I would like to aim for 1 post a week in the coming year. It’s easy to put off posting anything as most days can be pretty damn exhausting. It can be hard to motivate myself to do anything once Oscar falls asleep other than slump onto the couch in front of the tv. I really love reading back through the entries though and reliving all those moments that got us to where we are now. I also want to keep documenting it for Oscar so when he is older he will never doubt how much he was wanted. Along with blogging, I would like to try to do a bit more with my day when I can. Before Oscar, I would sew and create things. I would like to get back the passion I had for plants and gardening. Even just getting the pram out and taking him and the dogs for a walk. But mostly I want to avoid the lure of that damn couch of ours.

These are my New Years resolutions. They aren’t difficult at all so I shouldn’t have any problem keeping them!


Oscar’s first Christmas

Christmas day has come and gone! It began very early for us, with Oscar waking at 4.30am and deciding not to go back to sleep. We tried and tried but he was WIDE awake. We migrated to the lounge room and snacked on toast and coffee while opening the presents under the tree. Obviously Oscar had no idea what was going on but Candice was happy to give him a helping hand in opening all the goods. We didn’t go all out and buy him loads of expensive things – he really doesn’t need anything to be honest. We bought him some batman pjs, a small ball pit with about 30 balls to go in it, a book, a shark beach towel and a really cool raccoon toy we found on Etsy.

In the days leading up to Christmas, I had been stressing a bit as to how Oscar would handle being out all day away from his usual routine but I needn’t have worried. He did great! We visited my family for a Christmas breakfast which was delicious. Christmas music played in the background while all the kids played with their new toys and Oscar was passed around and loved by all. I have a large family and lots of nieces/nephews so at times the noise inside seemed to upset him but a quick stroll around the yard in the fresh air and he was all happy again. He is a lot like Candice and myself in that way; he likes the quiet and calm and gets overwhelmed quite quickly by noise. Though I’m sure once he hits the toddler stage he will be just as loud and boisterous as all his young cousins.

After breakfast we drove home with the intention of quickly repacking the car with food/gifts and then driving over for lunch with Candice’s family. Oscar was hungry and desperately needed to sleep so I fed him and then put him down for a nap, at which time Candice suggested that her and I also nap. We had slept poorly on Christmas Eve (total of about 4 hrs) thanks to a certain little boy who shall remain nameless. A Christmas day nap sounded amazing. Oscar woke us up about an hour later and we loaded into the car and headed off. Lunch was with Candice’s parents and her grandparents (who are up visiting from New South Wales). Candice doesn’t have any brothers or sisters, therefore no nieces/nephews, so it was easier for Oscar to sleep there when he got tired. It was Oscar’s first time meeting his great-grandparents and he was very cute for them, giving lots of smiles. Our boy had perfect timing and slept all through lunch and also the present opening. When he woke we decided to take him for his first swim and as you can see in the last post, he totally loved it. Afterwards, he went down for another nap while the rest of us sat around eating garlic prawns – yum!

When we got home we gave our dogs, Yoshi and Luna, their presents and watched them go nuts with excitement. We fell into bed quite exhausted and crossed our fingers that Oscar would sleep better that night. He didn’t! Lucky for me, my wife is awesome and got up with him early in the morning. This allowed me to sleep for an extra few hours until he was due to be fed again. She also cooked us up a yummy hot breakfast. Total keeper.

Here are some photos from our Christmas.


Christmas morning was pretty cute in our house


Candice helping Oscar open his gifts


Cuddles by the Christmas tree


Love these two


Christmas Day is no excuse so skip tummy time


Can’t even deal

It’s a few days after Christmas now and we are settling into holiday mode. Candice doesn’t have to return to work until the 5th of January so we have lots of time for lazy days involving lots of eating and movie watching. The New Year is just around the corner and I have begun writing a list of resolutions. I’ll write a post sometimes in the coming days to share what they are.

I hope everyone had an amazing and magical Christmas Day!

Splish splash photo post

On Christmas Day Oscar had his first swim and it couldn’t have gone better. I’m a bit time poor at the moment so can’t write a full post but below are a few photos.









We can’t wait to spend the next few months of summer splashing around in the pool with this guy. Candice and I are planning to start him in swimming lessons early next year when the swim centre opens down the road from our house. What a cutie!

Today, not tomorrow

I’ve been forgetting to live in the now. It feels like I am constantly looking forward, imagining what Oscar will be like in a few weeks, months, years. Forgetting that he is here today and that I’ll never have this time again. Growing at such a ridiculous rate, our boy will never be as small again as he is today. When I look at photos from the first few weeks of his life, I’m shocked at how much he has already changed. Today, at 9 weeks old he seems like more of a ‘person’ now, if that makes sense. He doesn’t just sleep, eat and poop anymore (though let’s be honest, he still does those 3 things a LOT), he likes to hang out. He doesn’t just stare blankly past us these days, he actively searches for our faces, our eyes. He flashes us that gummy smile when we ask him ‘What are you doooooing?’ He waves his hands in the air like he just don’t care. I need to remind myself that these moments are fleeting and that I need to be here, now. In no time at all, he will have changed all over again and I will be in mourning for these days. Everybody says it but babies really do grow up so quick.

It’s not just Oscar that has changed, I feel like I have too. I’ve found my confidence as a mother. And not only as a mother, as a person. I’ve never felt self-assured in my life. In the past I was constantly second guessing myself. Never sure if what I was doing was quite good enough, if other people thought is was good enough. I’m not really sure why I feel different now but I definitely do and it’s rather wonderful. I’d love to say that it was a conscious choice and the reason is because I want to set a great example for Oscar by showing him how confident his mummy is… but I don’t think that is it at all. Closer to the truth is that I just don’t care what other people think of me now. I really don’t. I actually get frustrated when I think of all the times that I have let myself feel incompetent or unworthy. The times I didn’t speak when I should have, out of fear of looking stupid. I’m 31 years old next month and it has taken me this long to realise it… But hi everyone, I’m actually awesome!

In other news, we have fallen into some sort of routine at night! For the last week Oscar feeds at around 11pm, wakes at 2am, 5am and then is usually up to start the day at around 7ish. I am so grateful to have these blocks of time back to actually get a decent sleep! Sometimes he even let’s us go back to sleep for an hour or so after his 7am feed but even if he doesn’t I don’t mind too much. He makes it okay by being so happy and smily in the mornings. Below are a few photos taken recently 🙂 IMG_1986 IMG_1985 IMG_1912-1 IMG_1924