Oscar’s first Christmas

Christmas day has come and gone! It began very early for us, with Oscar waking at 4.30am and deciding not to go back to sleep. We tried and tried but he was WIDE awake. We migrated to the lounge room and snacked on toast and coffee while opening the presents under the tree. Obviously Oscar had no idea what was going on but Candice was happy to give him a helping hand in opening all the goods. We didn’t go all out and buy him loads of expensive things – he really doesn’t need anything to be honest. We bought him some batman pjs, a small ball pit with about 30 balls to go in it, a book, a shark beach towel and a really cool raccoon toy we found on Etsy.

In the days leading up to Christmas, I had been stressing a bit as to how Oscar would handle being out all day away from his usual routine but I needn’t have worried. He did great! We visited my family for a Christmas breakfast which was delicious. Christmas music played in the background while all the kids played with their new toys and Oscar was passed around and loved by all. I have a large family and lots of nieces/nephews so at times the noise inside seemed to upset him but a quick stroll around the yard in the fresh air and he was all happy again. He is a lot like Candice and myself in that way; he likes the quiet and calm and gets overwhelmed quite quickly by noise. Though I’m sure once he hits the toddler stage he will be just as loud and boisterous as all his young cousins.

After breakfast we drove home with the intention of quickly repacking the car with food/gifts and then driving over for lunch with Candice’s family. Oscar was hungry and desperately needed to sleep so I fed him and then put him down for a nap, at which time Candice suggested that her and I also nap. We had slept poorly on Christmas Eve (total of about 4 hrs) thanks to a certain little boy who shall remain nameless. A Christmas day nap sounded amazing. Oscar woke us up about an hour later and we loaded into the car and headed off. Lunch was with Candice’s parents and her grandparents (who are up visiting from New South Wales). Candice doesn’t have any brothers or sisters, therefore no nieces/nephews, so it was easier for Oscar to sleep there when he got tired. It was Oscar’s first time meeting his great-grandparents and he was very cute for them, giving lots of smiles. Our boy had perfect timing and slept all through lunch and also the present opening. When he woke we decided to take him for his first swim and as you can see in the last post, he totally loved it. Afterwards, he went down for another nap while the rest of us sat around eating garlic prawns – yum!

When we got home we gave our dogs, Yoshi and Luna, their presents and watched them go nuts with excitement. We fell into bed quite exhausted and crossed our fingers that Oscar would sleep better that night. He didn’t! Lucky for me, my wife is awesome and got up with him early in the morning. This allowed me to sleep for an extra few hours until he was due to be fed again. She also cooked us up a yummy hot breakfast. Total keeper.

Here are some photos from our Christmas.


Christmas morning was pretty cute in our house


Candice helping Oscar open his gifts


Cuddles by the Christmas tree


Love these two


Christmas Day is no excuse so skip tummy time


Can’t even deal

It’s a few days after Christmas now and we are settling into holiday mode. Candice doesn’t have to return to work until the 5th of January so we have lots of time for lazy days involving lots of eating and movie watching. The New Year is just around the corner and I have begun writing a list of resolutions. I’ll write a post sometimes in the coming days to share what they are.

I hope everyone had an amazing and magical Christmas Day!

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