Bedtime arrangements

Since the first night we brought Oscar home, he has slept in our bedroom. Most of the time he was happy enough to sleep in his basket next to our bed but a couple of weeks ago he finally outgrew it. His tiny toes would reach one end and the top of his head touched the other. He was constantly waking himself up by hitting the sides and ends of it, meaning we were all sleeping poorly. We gave in and permanently moved him to our bed, laying between us on a foam change mat. Finally he was going to sleep! The only problem with this arrangement was that the change mat took up quite a lot of room, about a third of the bed. It was like having 3 adults in the bed and even though it’s king size, we felt uncomfortable and squished. I missed laying next to Candice and spooning was becoming a thing of the past. We weren’t ready to move him into his own bedroom but we needed a new solution. So about a week ago we decided to move Oscar’s cot into our bedroom. We took off one side, pressed it up against the bed and locked the wheels.

So far it’s working really well. Since I’m still breastfeeding and the one that tends to him during the night, I sleep on the same side of the bed as the cot. It’s close enough to put my hand out and calm him if he is unsettled without having to get up so I love it. It’s also easy for me to just pull him into the bed with us when he is hungry and then slide him back to his cot when he has finished feeding. I have become a pro at feeding him while lying down so the whole thing is really convenient. I really love holding him close while he is drinking and feeling his toes wriggle on my stomach. It’s pretty much the cutest thing in the world and without fail, will make me smile each and every time.




4 thoughts on “Bedtime arrangements

  1. I saw a pic somewhere with the crib next to the bed but hadn’t read any feedback if it actually works. Great to here it does! Looks like a convenient solution for everyone getting a good nights sleep.


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