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Our baby has magic powers

Last night in bed Candice and I were chatting quietly, listening to Oscar breathe and make little noises.

She told me that before coming into the bedroom she was feeling annoyed and that all these little things were making her angry. She couldn’t fix the back screen door after it had come off its tracks, she found a stain on the leg of a clean pair of pants she was planning to wear today and she was battling with the fact that it was late and that she had to start back at work in the morning after a 10 day break.

She told me that she had walked into the bedroom with all these feelings of frustration but when she shut the door behind her she could hear Oscar. He was making tiny soft noises, almost like little sighs with each breath. I opened my eyes to see her leaning over him, peering into his bed. I asked her what she was doing and she replied that she was just listening. She climbed into bed and explained that all the negative feelings she had just minutes earlier were now gone. It’s like Oscar somehow washed away all the anger and frustration she had built up inside. Suddenly all that other stuff didn’t matter anymore.

There can only be one explanation for this. Oscar has magic powers.

True story.


12 weeks old

A few days ago Oscar hit the big ol’ 3 month mark. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the way time now moves fast and slow simultaneously. I know I’ve said it before but trying to remember life before Oscar is hard. It feels like an eternity ago. Logically however, I know that 3 months is nothing at all. Over the last 12 weeks, Candice and I have really found our feet as parents and right now it feels like we are in a really good place. Everyday, we watch his personality grow and we’re discovering a real sweet and cheeky side to him. See for yourself.


In the very beginning I would read a lot, ask a lot and hear a lot. I had so many questions that I thought other people had the answers to. How much should he be napping? Eating? Where should he be sleeping? How many layers should he be wearing? Should we not be picking him up every time he cries? Is rocking him to sleep wrong? Should he be self settling by now? All these questions and many, many more. I rarely liked the answers I got, whether they were from an experienced mother, a friend or even a trained expert with a best selling book. It made me anxious. I often stressed on the days he wasn’t behaving ‘perfectly’; that maybe we were doing something wrong. I’m curious to know if every first time parent feels like that in the very beginning. Everything changed the minute we began listening to ourselves and simply following Oscar’s lead. I think this quote sums it up quite well.

Get to know your baby and don’t be afraid of what the books call ‘bad habits’ if that’s what your baby needs – no one thing will work for all children and it can all be ironed out later on

Oscar is such a happy baby most of the time. He is steadily gaining weight and smiling more everyday. In my humble opinion, I would say he is doing just fine. And as parents, so are we.

As far as milestones go, I think he is meeting most. He has rolled from his belly to back, though cannot do it every time. He has been babbling away and can definitely recognise who his mums are. We have also been getting out and about a lot more than in the past. I can’t remember if I have mentioned it in previous posts but taking Oscar on outings was something I avoided. I was always worried that he would lose it in public and I wouldn’t be able to calm him. Not sure why I ever thought of him like a ticking time bomb as he was actually always really good when we did go out. Anyway, I now enjoy taking him on outings though I still prefer to have him home in time for his big sleep in the evening.

Tomorrow is the last day before Candice has to return to work. It’s been so nice having her home everyday and I’m already sad that she has to go back. She’s not looking forward to it either and has mentioned a few times how much it’s going to suck not being able to see Oscar as much. She gets home about 5pm and Oscar goes down to sleep at about 6.30-7pm, waking only briefly for a feed around 11pm. That schedule leaves hardly any time for her to hang with our little man. He does wake for his morning feed around the same time that she gets up for work though so at least she gets to see his happy little morning face.

Below are a few more photos taken lately 🙂





Photo a day

First of all, Happy New Year!

As I declared in my last post, I have set myself the little challenge of photographing Oscar every day. I plan to upload the photos maybe once a week rather than everyday but just to prove that I haven’t forgotten, here is the very first.