Once a stranger

This morning I’ve been scrolling through photos from Oscar’s first week at home. The older he gets the more he feels like a stranger in those newborn photos. A beautiful stranger, though a stranger nonetheless. It’s odd to feel this way because I pretty much spent every waking moment gazing at his face and bonding silently with him. In those first few weeks, that’s all you can really do.

I feel so overwhelmed when I do think back a few months to that time. He slept so often back then but I remember feeling so much more exhausted and emotional than I do these days.

Yesterday marked 4 months since we brought him home from hospital and he is so interactive now. He is ridiculously aware of everything around him and it’s really quite impressive. He knows now when he hears the bath tap running that it’s his favourite time of the day. He senses when we aren’t close enough to him. Just in the last week or so he has become aware of our 2 dogs and his eyes will follow them with interest around the room. Little does he know that those dogs are destined to become 2 of his first best friends.

The tiny stranger in the photo below has now transformed into someone I know so very, very well.

He’s such a happy, gentle and chilled out baby.

We absolutely hit the jackpot.


At 1 week old above and 4 months old below.



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