An exhausting week for everyone

It’s been rough in our house over the last week but we are finally coming out the other side.

Oscar is currently in the 4th leap according to the Wonder Weeks app and sleep regression has been an issue. He is up a lot more often for feeds during the night and it can sometimes take quite a while for him to go back to sleep afterwards. That alone is enough to make it an exhausting week. But then I caught a cold. Let me tell you, looking after a baby when you are sick, sucks. I desperately didn’t want Oscar to catch it but I think it was almost inevitable. Being that I’m home alone with him all day constantly needing to feed, change and give him attention (did I mention that this 4th leap means he demands a lot of attention) it would have been a miracle if he didn’t catch it. Thankfully it was a fairly mild cold. Candice went out and bought a steam vaporizer and some chest rub to help with his breathing and both helped a lot. The poor kid also seems to be teething pretty hardcore. It’s Drool City over here, population: Oscar. He is chewing on everything and is really whiny. He has also started a new thing where he pushes his tongue down really hard onto his bottom gums and will contort his face into quite an unflattering expression. I guess it feels good on his sore gums? I’ll try to get a photo and post it to show what I mean.

Poor Oscar, he basically just won the trifecta of shitty things to occur simultaneously. He has looked simply miserable at times. Amazingly though, we have still been seeing plenty of smiles and he also gave us his first ever laugh about a week ago. It was glorious!

Candice has now caught the cold off Oscar and she seems to have had it the worst. It’s like it has mutated into something awful. She’s up coughing a lot through the night and it seems to be dragging on a lot longer than it did for Oscar and I. We just want a healthy house again!

We took Oscar for his 4 month vaccinations last week and he did a lot better than the first time. He still cried of course, but it was quick and afterwards he was fine. Now that he is so interested in his surroundings, it’s easy to distract him from what’s going on.

And on that note, Oscar the grouch has just awoken.

Before I go, here are some photos of our sick but gorgeous babe.




6 thoughts on “An exhausting week for everyone

    • I hope you all manage to avoid the winter sickness that’s on its way. My nephew was born smack bam in the middle of winter and got his first cold at 2 weeks old. So scary! A tip that I got was to continue taking Elevit after the baby is born (or another multivitamin, just make sure it’s safe for breastfeeding). I did for a while but then ran out. Needless to say I’m back on them again now. It’s so easy to get run down as new parents so it’s definitely worth that extra boost.


      • I hope so too, it has been something that has crossed my mind considering we will give birth when it is coming into winter. A cold at 2 weeks old, that is scary, I have my fingers crossed it doesn’t happen to us. That’s a great tip with the pregnancy multivitamin to ensure body still gets the supplements needed. I have been so keen to be off all tablets as sick of having to have been taking so many throughout this baby making process but I will have to make sure I continue through winter at least. Hope everybody in your household is back to feeling 100% soon and survives the flu season with no more colds.


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