Sleep makes a world of difference

This last week has been challenging at times. Oscar hasn’t been sleeping well at all which is really tough on everyone. We don’t really know if it’s the 4 month sleep regression that people talk about, the Wonder Weeks leap 4, a growth spurt or sore gum from teething. Perhaps even all of the above? All I do know is I can’t wait to have our happy little Oscar back, full-time.

No two nights have been the same. Sometimes he wakes at 1 hour intervals but goes back to sleep after 20 minutes of feeding, other nights he wakes and won’t go back to sleep for hours. Sometimes he wakes up crying and other times he is wide awake and just wants to play. I feel like I have tried everything. Throughout the night when he wakes I feed him, change him, rock him, lay him next to me, softly pat his butt, ‘shhhh’ him, tickle his face and arms. I’ve started putting him to bed wearing his amber teething necklace around his ankle in the hope of it making a difference to his sleep. The other night at 3am I gave up trying and went out into the lounge room, put on the tv and just sat with him on the couch. I actually feel like most of the time I cope pretty well with his constant waking which usually occur at 1.30, 3.30 and 5.30am. I had accepted it. The difference is, he never used to fight me to stay awake but this last week has just been awful. In this last week I’ve heard myself ask him in frustration “What the hell do you want, Oscar?!” I’ve heard myself beg him “Please Oscar, please”. I’ve grit my teeth. And then suffered the guilt of having had those feelings of anger.

Mentally and emotionally, I was pretty spent. I didn’t feel very happy or motivated during the day and it was all getting a bit much. I knew I felt like crap but I didn’t realise how much all the interrupted sleep was affecting me until I woke up this morning after a GOOD sleep.

That’s right, last night he slept well. He woke at the usual 1.30am but then didn’t wake again until 4.30am. He kept me up for an hour but then went back to sleep at 5.30 and slept again until 7.30am.

The difference I feel today is amazing.

According to the Wonder Weeks app Oscar now has about 3 days left of Leap 4. I have to say, we have noticed so much growth in him over the last month. There is an impossible amount for him to take in and each time he masters something we are genuinely shocked at how quickly it has happened.

Babies are incredible.

Here are some photos of Oscar. All that learning sure is cute.




One thought on “Sleep makes a world of difference

  1. We’ve ALL been there with the anger. It is hard to be a gentle, patient person in the wee hours of the night when you’re beyond exhausted.

    I’m glad you’re in the home stretch of the leap. They are always rough on mama(s) & baby.


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