Over halfway

Well, I’m now over halfway through my maternity leave. Eeek, it’s going too fast.

Oscar will be 6 months old in a couple of weeks. Where has the time gone? It feels like a while since I’ve blogged anything that wasn’t a photo post so I’ll fill in some blanks.

– Oscar has become an attention hog. It feels like he wants to be entertained for every waking minute of every single day. It’s exhausting! I know I will probably regret saying this but I can’t wait for him to be mobile. Maybe then he won’t require me to be his personal entertainer/dancing monkey and I’ll get time to write a bit more.

– We made it to the end of leap 4, sanity (barely) intact. It was so hard though. Sleep has improved since then and although he still wakes around 3 times a night to feed, he almost always goes back to sleep when he is full.

– No teeth yet, though I swear I can see a tiny white line under the gum. *Disclaimer; due to broken sleep my eyes may well be playing tricks on me as the white line that I see has not yet been seen by Candice.

– Oscar has started solids. When I say ‘started’ I really just mean that he has tried a few. He tolerated apple at first but the next couple of tries he didn’t like it. Then we moved to carrot but that wasn’t very popular with him either. Then I remembered that we had a Nuby mesh feeder. So I put a little frozen banana in there and gave it to him and he loved it. At first he just sort of licked it which was a bit creepy to watch but he eventually got the hang of it. Now when I give it to him he demolishes it. Next up we plan to try him with sweet potato, which I will steam so its soft and pop into the Nuby mesh feeder. He seems to prefer feeding himself so we will go with it for now.

– Sleeping arrangements seem to have gone backwards. He is spending more and more time in our bed. I’ll be honest and admit that I could persevere and fix it by making sure I put him back in his cot after he falls asleep every feed. But the thing is, sleep feels so precious and is such a rare commodity these days that I never want to risk waking him. So instead I lay with my body contorted, stretched at weird angles and often partly laying in the cot myself. Why practice yoga when you could just bedshare with your kid instead? I keep promising myself that I will fix this but then I yawn and think… “tomorrow, yes I’ll start putting him back in his cot tomorrow”.

– Tantrums. I didn’t think they could start this early but I swear he is channeling Meryl Streep in some of his performances. I realise it’s his way of trying to communicate that he doesn’t like something but it’s SCARY. I dread having to take him in the car now as he will stiffen his body and refuse to bend his legs. This makes it almost impossible to strap him into his car seat. He yells and protests. He arches is back. When I put him down on the plat mat and go to walk away he yells and fake cries and has also learnt to fake cough. It was kind of funny at the start but now I’m just in shock at how he has learnt how to manipulate his mums’ into running back into the room and picking him up every time he does it. Naughty, naughty.

And on that note, Oscar the grouch has just woken up with a big squinty smile. That’s my cue.


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