A new phase

The other day it hit me that we’re entering entirely new territory with Oscar. 

I realised this as I sat on the edge of the bath with Oscar on my hip, running the water. He was covered in food. I’m talking face, hands, chest, neck rolls and even his hair. He was smelly and sticky. I’ve discovered that learning to eat is pretty messy for an almost 6 month old. I was watching him as he was watching the water with that look he gets all the time now. Wonder. Amazement. His expression screams, “Let me at it!”.

He knows what he likes now and he also knows doesn’t. He wants to touch everything. My glasses have permanent little finger prints all over them and the days of trying to enjoy a hot drink with him near are long gone. 

Just shy of half a year old yet I can already see the little boy in him so vividly. And it’s gorgeous. 

Stickyness and all. 


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