Black and white proof that he’s barely a baby these days.

Oscar is growing up.

I know, I know. I keep harping on about it. But listen, it’s frightening me a little.

Next week he will be 6 months old and I just don’t think we are ready for a the boy that he is going to become. Or should I say, the boy that he is already becoming. Not because I think boys are horrible but simply because it means he won’t be our baby anymore.

I realise that I will look back on this post in a few years and think that at this age he most certainly was still small and dependent enough to be considered a baby but I’m honestly seeing him less and less like that every day.

You want proof? I’ll give you proof.

Exhibit A – He eats food now. And sometimes he even feeds himself with a spoon. A friggin’ SPOON.  

photo 2-1

Exhibit B – He giggles when you tickle him. Pretty sure babies don’t do that.

photo 1-1

Exhibit C – He doesn’t get swallowed up by the Ergo anymore when he falls asleep. Why? Because he’s too big.

photo 4-1

Exhibit D – He wears shoes and they basically make him look 31 years old.

photo 5-1

Exhibit E – And finally, well… he looks like THIS. Hello little boy.

photo 3-1

There you go, proof. 

Our baby is well and truly on his way into boyhood and there’s no slowing him down. 

 Excuse me while I go cry into his size 00 onesies that no longer fit.


6 thoughts on “Black and white proof that he’s barely a baby these days.

  1. Oh this post makes me smile, I sit hear reading (and feeling all those same feelings) while I watch my baby (who will be 9 next month) fill his hollow Easter egg with milk to make a “milk cup” – you will always miss the baby but each of the stages of his “boy” life are very exciting & so much fun to share with him. I love reading about Oscar & your journey together – you will have such a wonderful account of his life to share with him forever, he is a VERY lucky little man… Happy Easter…


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