Letter to a little Mr

Dear Oscar,

You’re six months old now and you’re far from being the tiny blob we brought home from the hospital.

You’re our Oscar. And you are a friggin’ delight to be around (lets say 97% of the time) and I should know as I’m with you 24/7. You mum and I never would have believed that someone of a mere 6 months could ever be as funny and interesting as you are. Congratulations kiddo, you’ve won our hearts for life.

I’ll admit, I’m a bit alarmed that you are half a year old already. Before I know it, you’ll be taller than me and doing all kinds of gross boy stuff. Your room will probably smell funny, you’ll be eating enough food to feed a village and leaving dirty socks all over the house. We can blame your mum for that last one as you’ve probably learnt it from her.

I am fine with all of these things, they’re no big deal. If that’s the worst you’re doing then you’ll have 2 happy mums.

Lately we’ve asked ourselves, what kind of kid, teenager, man would we like to see you grow up into?

Well, here is what we have to say on the matter.

Bullying – Just don’t do it. Ever. Don’t physically bully someone, don’t cyber bully someone, don’t mentally bully someone.  I’m warning you kiddo, there are very few things you could ever do that would disappoint us but bullying is one of them.

Driving – Don’t drink and drive, don’t text and drive, don’t show off by speeding and don’t yell out of windows like an idiot.

Manners – Use them. Saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ can go a long way. Don’t interrupt when someone is speaking and make sure you listen. Please always eat with your mouth closed.

Study – You’re lucky enough to live in a country that values education and although it won’t alway feel like it, school is a privilege. Study hard, focus and commit to it. Education is GOLD.

Be a gentleman – When you’re older and have a girlfriend/boyfriend be courteous, polite and respectful. Give flowers, give compliments, open doors and always make sure they’re comfortable.

Bad language – Please don’t swear before you are an adult. Your mum and I swear now but we try not to around you because we don’t want you to learn it from us. We can’t stand it when we overhear kids or teenagers swearing. It’s just not nice. Once you’re old enough to pay your own bills, by all means feel free to drop the f-bomb as often as you feel necessary.

Asking for help – There will be times where you might feel that we don’t know anything but don’t ever be afraid of asking for help. Or asking for advice. Just try us, we might surprise you. After all, we will be old (according to you) and wisdom does apparently come with age.

The word ‘No’ – We’ll be frank here. When someone says no, then they mean NO. In any circumstance, no means no. Okay? Good.

Honesty – Use this in every aspect of your life. Be honest with those you love and always be honest with yourself. If you make a mistake, fess up and take responsibility for it. You’ll feel better for it.

Courage – Try new things, stick up for the rights of others, jump in, dream big, and dance like no one is watching.

Call your mums – We will always be hoping to hear your voice on the other end of the phone. When you are older and out on your own in this world, we are going to miss you. We will want to hear all about everything. When you visit, bring a kiss and a hug. And don’t forget to say “I love you, mum”. It will be music to our deaf old ears.

Love, Mummy



4 thoughts on “Letter to a little Mr

  1. Oh my, this is such a beautiful post. Your little man is so lucky to have mums like you. The life advice you give him here is perfect. This was a wonderful read.

    Ps: hehe, leaving socks all over the house.


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