Flavours of the month

Two days ago Oscar turned 7 months old. I’ve been meaning to do a longer post but he is so demanding at the moment, it’s difficult to find the time.

There are several things that he is loving right now so as a quick post, I thought I would share a few!

Sophie the Giraffe – Specifically gnawing at her face and ears. 119a

Bath time and all his bath toys – His dinosaurs, his cups, his ducks, his floating plastic blocks. asdf

Ball pit balls – He is so good at throwing these. He also enjoys licking and chewing them. 127b

His dogs – He gets so excited to see them and lets out a cute little squeal when they come close. Adorable! 122b

Going for walks in the pram – I have the pram parked in our dining room through the week and every time we pass it he lunges towards it with a smile. That’s his way of telling me it’s time to go out and explore. 125c

Baby Paw Paw lotion – In the days leading up to a tooth cutting through, Oscar’s cheeks become all rashy due to all the excess saliva. So help sooth it, we use Paw Paw lotion and it seems do the trick.


Crawl and Learn Bright Lights ball – This toy is battery run and lights up and rolls itself around the place, encouraging Oscar to chase and catch it.


His reflection – Oscar has always enjoyed looking at himself and that certainly hasn’t changed this month.


As for what he is hating right now, there are a couple of things.

Change table – Whether it’s a nappy change, getting undressed for his bath or getting dressed for the day, he hates it. It’s getting harder and harder everyday and if we aren’t quick enough it will result in fake crying. Like this.


Feeding himself – It’s a struggle to get Oscar to eat anything that isn’t pureed and isn’t spoon fed to him. Try as we might, he simply isn’t interested in finger foods. When he is offered non pureed food – sticks of cheese, steamed pumpkin or pear, toast, soft bread, banana, cucumber – he prefers us to hand feed him rather than use his own hands. I’m not sure if it’s because he finds it hard to actually get the food in his mouth (he generally drops it or clasps the food so tight in his fist that he ends up chewing on his knuckles thinking it’s food) but I hope he gets the hang of it soon. Here he is getting stuck into some steamed pear. Oh those eyes.


And that’s about it for his loves and hates at the moment. My goodness, he has grown so much, just over this last week. We think he might be close to crawling which is pretty exciting!


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