Black and blue 

Oscar is 8.5 months old and I think we are officially entering the clumsy stage.  He can’t make his limbs do what his mind wants and it’s resulting in a lot of tumbles and bumps. 

I know it’s all part of growing up and to be honest I’m not a ‘bubble wrap parent’ but sometimes it can be a little stressful. Just this morning alone, he has bumped his head 3 times. Twice on a wall while trying to pull himself up on it, and again when he let go of the couch, falling backwards, after pulling himself up. It might not be so bad but every single bump results in the saddest cry on the planet. Thankfully, he does bounce back pretty quickly. Five minutes later he’s back to doing exactly the same thing that just resulted in him hurting himself! It’s all learning, I guess. 

This might sound horrible but there is one upside to all these tumbles. When he falls and hurts himself, he looks around a familiar face. When I run over and pick him up to stop the tears, he hugs me so tight. He wraps his arms around my neck and puts his head on my chest. My heart absolutely swells with love for him. 

Candice has only been there for one of his big falls and that was when he crawled off our bed a week or so ago. She ran in and picked him up but in my panic, I begged her to pass him to me so I could hold and comfort him. I feel really bad about that. She was already comforting him and I couldn’t have done anything different. There was just an intense anxiety taking over and I couldn’t be still until I was holding him. It’s no excuse though and I think I may have hurt her feelings, not that she would ever say anything. She knows I get quite emotional when I can hear Oscar crying. I’m determined not to do it again though. If Candice reaches him first after a fall, I will sit back and let them hug it out.

If this is how many bumps he’s having now, I hate to think what it’s going to be like once he’s walking! 

His first bump on the head 😦

4 thoughts on “Black and blue 

  1. I feel this right now! Darwin did a full on *face plant* off the bed this afternoon right in front of me. After a good cry she was fine, but I think my life span got shaved by about 5 years today!


    • I know what you mean! The worst thing is when you can see them across the room, dangerously close to falling and hitting their head but you’re too far away to make it in time. I swear that time slows down as its happening. Poor Darwin, I hope she doesn’t have anymore tumbles off the bed. Would have been quite a shock!


  2. I just read this to N and said ‘I don’t run up and do that do I?’ and she looked at me like ‘uuummm yep’ so we had a chat and I’ve come to the theory that we because are with them every day it’s our auto pilot to stop the crying and check they’re ok. It’s really hard to switch off. Our situation is that when I go up to them to check he’s ok he basically launches out of her arms and into mine but again maybe because he’s used to me being the one there to soothe him. It’s not personal or any reflection on her parenting it’s just a reflex.


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