Photo a day – week 27








6 thoughts on “Photo a day – week 27

      • He actually has 4 teeth in total now. The two bottom teeth came in when he was about 6 months and then the top two teeth came in about a month ago. He seems to be teething again over the last couple of days so we are expecting to see a couple more soon 😁


      • 4 teeth already. Oh boy Leo’s approaching 8 months and hasn’t had any cut through. Just a miserable month of gnawing :/ I’m hoping we get some relief soon. How has he been doing with teething…? Our youngest Shawn’s teething endeavors were a breeze. It didn’t seem to bother him as much as I heard horror stories about.


      • Oh poor Leo might get 6 come in at once! Oscar hasn’t coped very well with teething. He’s been quite grumpy and get really red rashy cheeks and is just miserable!


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