End of maternity countdown

There is now 40 days until I am due to return to work.

After having the last 11 months off, I’m so nervous and overwhelmed at the thought of being back in the workforce and not at home with Oscar. I have tried to stay in contact over the last year, dropping into work a couple of times. Once to introduce Oscar and then one other time to farewell a colleague that was resigning. I’ve had several lunches with a work friend and  have tried to stay up to date with new hirings and changes within the laboratory as best I could. But I still feel so out of touch with everything work related. I suppose it’s only natural to feel this way, a year is long time to be absent from a workplace.

We have made a little progress with the whole childcare situation. As of early October, Oscar has a full-time spot at our preferred centre. The problem is that I return to work in early September and all they can offer during that month is a spot on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The centre director has told us that Monday and Friday are usually the easiest days to secure so there is about an 80% chance that those days will open up before my return to work start date. In the meantime, I have contacted my employer to let him know our situation and I’ve asked for some leeway. The most likely solution is that I’ll simply return part-time (3 days a week) for my first month back at work. The other option is that on top of the 3 days, I also work a 4 hour afternoon shift on the Monday and Friday when Candice gets home from work. Obviously, I would prefer the first option and truthfully, starting back at work 3 days a week for the first month would actually be perfect.

For the last week we’ve all been sick with colds. It started with me, then Oscar, and then finally Candice. There were definitely a few rough days but overall, Oscar has dealt quite well with it. We’ve had the air vaporizer going during the night to help everyone breathe better and it’s been a big help. As well as chest rub and a saline nasal spray for the little one. I was thinking that perhaps it’s a good thing that Oscar caught my cold. Given that he is due to start daycare, at least now he should have a few antibodies still in his system to help fight against the germs that are bound to attack him when he starts going there soon. Right? I might be a little too optimistic.

Since getting over this cold, Oscar has been really happy. Like super dooper, ‘holy crap he’s so freaking adorable I can’t even handle it’ happy. It may also have something to do with a tooth that has finally cut through his top gum. That’s now 5 teeth.

All I know is it’s happy days up in here.



One thought on “End of maternity countdown

  1. I just have to say what an amazing team the three of you are, especially you two mummies. I have loved every minute of following you guys through this beautiful journey and yes whilst Oscar is beautiful and you are so very lucky to have him, he is also so very lucky to have you both as parents! There are so many kids out there with useless parents and my god you guys have done Astoundingly great. My only hope is that one day I am given the chance to put into practise everything that I have learnt from what you have so graciously shared! Because this is what families are about, this is what a family should be. Well done. What a beautiful journey…and it’s only just started xxx


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