Festive craft with a toddler

First of all, I totally stole this idea of a native Christmas wreath from  Documenting Delight. If you want to make an amazing wreath that you can actually hang up, click here for her easy to follow tutorial. I know its definitely on my list of things I plan to create in the future.

While it’s too advanced for a 1 year old, it’s just so wonderful and pretty that I decided to do a sort of toddler version with Oscar.

Early this morning I took him for a walk and we collected a bunch of Australian native leaves and flowers. Although I was pretty bummed that I could find any fallen gumnuts, I was really pleased with our haul.

I set Oscar up at the table with some paper, watered down glue, a painbrush and all the native fauna. Of course he needed a little (well a LOT, actually) help with placement and he did end up painting glue all over the table, but we got there in the end.

When we finished, I popped it into a temporary frame to hang up until it starts to wither and die. I’m hoping it lasts until the end of the Christmas month and being such hardy native flowers, I’m almost positive they will!

Give it a go with your little one!





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