Well that was Christmas.

Another year, another Christmas. Seriously, time is slipping away quickly. How is it now January 2016?!

Just like last year, Christmas Day started early for us. Oscar has got to be the most consistent alarm clock we’ve ever had. I think Christmas is probably the only day of the year where people don’t mind being woken early, or maybe that’s just us. We all moved out to the lounge and first thing’s first, we made coffee and some breakfast for Oscar. After that, we were straight into it, helping Oscar to open his gifts. People have always told us that kids of this age are only interested in the wrapping paper but that wasn’t the case with our munchkin. He was definitely all about what was on the inside of the paper. Similar to last year, we didn’t go over board with presents. His main gifts were some shape sorters, books and a name puzzle. We picked well choosing the shape sorters, he really enjoys playing with them.

Next up was Christmas breakfast with my family. It’s a fairly new tradition but each year, my siblings and I take turns hosting a festive breakfast. Now that we all have kids, it seems fair to do it this way. Next year is our turn to host and it will be the first time we have. For this Christmas is was at my sister’s house and by the time we arrived almost everyone was already there. It was so different to last year, with Oscar walking and being so much more interactive with everyone. I can remember last Christmas and being so nervous about messing up his routine. Worried about him sleeping, eating, being overwhelmed but the noise. This year was so much more relaxed! We left with very full bellies and headed back home to repack the car. Oscar fell asleep on the drive so we transferred him to his cot and let him nap before dressing him in some comfy clothes and heading over to Candice’s parents house for lunch. It was a quiet day with just her parents and a couple of close family friends but it was lovely. Lovely until Oscar decided he had enough of the festivities. By the time it came for us to leave, Oscar was exhausted and more than ready for bed.

Just like that, Christmas Day was over! We hope you all had a merry day!!

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