A day in the life of Oscar

7am – Oscar woke with a smile and let me know he was ready for the day. It was just us two in bed this morning as his Mumma had spent the night away.


8am – We still hadn’t gotten dressed and were just bumming around on the deck. Oscar is fascinated by this rainbow spinning wheel and likes to pull it out of the pot plant and walk around, waving it in the wind.

3 (2)

9am – Nap time. He wouldn’t usually have his morning nap this early but after going to bed later than usual last night he was extra tired today. It was really nice outside so instead of trying to get him to sleep in his cot I took him for a walk in the pram.

4 (1)

10am – We arrived home from the walk but he hadn’t woken so I set up camp at the end of the hallway while he slept in the pram. I left him just outside the front door as it was warm inside the house and there was a cool breeze outside. Also because I felt genuine fear that he may wake if I tried to lift the pram over the doorstep. The things we do.


11am – We usually do our grocery shopping on Sundays as it has just become a habit. Oscar finds it a chore as do we.


12pm – We were meeting my sister and Mum for a barbecue in the park but we arrived before anyone else so Oscar did what anyone would do. He took his dragon for a walk.


1pm – The park barbecue was a fail as we couldn’t seem to light the BBQ. We packed up and drove 2 minutes down the road to our house instead. Upon arriving there our two dogs Yoshi and Luna went nuts with excitement at having guests over. They were barking loudly and jumping up at the fence. Oscar was a bit confused as they never bark at him like that.


2pm – Candice and her Dad decided to tackle the overgrown lawn in our backyard. Oscar was less than impressed that he wasn’t allowed out there. He was confined to the deck as they mowed around us and every time they passed him and didn’t stop, he would go into meltdown mode. This involves laying down on his tummy with one leg up as he twists his body and wails. It’s so odd and hilarious.


3pm – Once the mowing was done, it was time to whipper snip. Oscar had missed his second nap by this point and was starting to enter the dangerous territory of over tired toddler so we let him come out and have a play with the tools and gardening equipment.

12 (1)

4pm – We have a mound of grass in our backyard now, waiting to dry out so we can dispose of it. In the meantime, Oscar is all over it. I’m itchy just looking at it.13

5pm – Early dinner since he missed his nap. He is really living by the ‘sharing is caring philosophy lately. Thanks but no thanks, tiny monster.


After this is was bath, milk and bed. He fell asleep relatively easily but has since woken 3 times and it’s only 7.20pm. I don’t understand why sleeping is so difficult for this child. Sleeping is the best thing ever, Oscar! I hope you learn that soon.



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