Goodbye breastmilk, hello weight gain


At 16 months, Oscar is almost completely weaned off breast milk. He’s down to just 1 small feed a day, sometimes not even that. It’s been steady like this for over a month now and he’s doing just fine with it.

About a week ago I noticed that my pants were feeling a little tight so I decided to weigh myself and it turns out I’ve gained over 4kg in the last month! People have always said that breastfeeding is a great way to lose the ‘baby weight’ post pregnancy but I had no idea just how much it was helping to keep my weight down. It’s not like I’ve been eating endless chocolate bars and deep-fried food over the last couple of months, in fact I’ve barely changed my diet. I’m really hoping that it plateaus out now and I don’t continue to gain. I find exercise such a chore, please universe, don’t make me do it!

Other than that, I’ve also noticed I’ve been a bit more emotional than usual. I have had some super crazy hormonal moments (oddly, it’s usually when I’m driving) where I suddenly start crying with not a clue as too why. Crazy, because one minute I’m feeling completely fine and the next I feel completely gutted. Sometimes I find myself choked up over positive song lyrics or a beautiful skyline on my way to work. Just last night, my eyes even welled up while watching old reruns of ‘Friends‘ on TV. I’m sure it’s just my body and hormones trying to even out again and adjust but I seriously feel a little bonkers.

As for Oscar, he is starting to say words now and is really becoming his own person. His favourite words are ‘nana’ (banana), ‘uh ohhh ‘(when he drops things), Mumma (he has this one perfected), ‘nunnna’ (Luna, our dog) ‘noooo’ and he has just starting to say ‘Mummeh’ (Mummy). He also copies us when we quack and woof which is hilarious.

Everyday we are shocked at something new that he has learnt. He actually understands what we are saying to him most of the time, which is making life a whole lot easier. For example; when we suggest that he go sit on his couch and eat his sandwich, he waddles off to the lounge room and takes a seat. We ask him to go find his water/book/particular toy and he will wander off and return with that item.

Below is a photo from the very first time that I breastfed him in public. He was only a week old and I was feeling very nervous. I learnt pretty quickly that using a cover was a pain in the ass and that Oscar hated it. Before long, I didn’t give a damn where I was – if Oscar was hungry, he got fed.