17 months update

Right now, it’s 3pm and Oscar is currently napping on our bed. He should be at daycare and I should be at work but about 15 before I was due to start I received the dreaded call. His daycare informed me that he had a temperature and had also experienced a runny poo. Apparently they had sent 2 others kids home as well with similar symptoms and it looks to be some sort of vomiting/diarrhea bug. Poor kid. I gave him some Panadol for his temperature but he is so far refusing food. All he wanted to do when we got home was cuddle. Less than half an hour of being home, he fell asleep on my shoulder. And that brings us to now.

I haven’t been writing on here as much as I used to and it’s a shame because I really enjoy reading back over the past entries. So here is a bit of an update as we approach the 1.5 year mark as parents and he, as a toddler.

He is communicating really well and learning so many new words. This morning he finally said “Mummy” instead of “Mimmy” which I was pretty chuffed about. Some new words he now says are ‘bottle’ (ottle), ‘what’s that’ (wozat), ‘what is it’ (whaizit). I’m not sure anyone else would hear those as actual words but since we’re fluent in Oscar language, we hear them. He uses them in context which helps us understand a lot easier too.

He is loving books now more than ever. Farm/animal books are his favourite as he likes copying us when we bark/snort/moo/cluck like the animals on the page. I have started reading books with such enthusiasm, it sounds like I’m auditioning for the ABC’s Playschool. He loves it though. He sits completely still on my lap, letting me turn the page when I’m ready. If I get a little too silly with the voices, he tilts his head and stares blankly at me as if to say, “Calm yourself, woman”.

Another thing that he is into at the moment is shape sorting and stacking things. It can keep him occupied for the longest time, which everyone with a toddler knows is really only about 10 minutes.

Ever since I can remember we have always repeated the words, “pack away, pack away” when we put away his toys, clothes, whatever really. A few months ago when he would hear us say it, he would start helping. Now we just need to say “Pack away, Oscar” and he slowly collects his things and puts them away. Not always in the right place, not always all of them and not always neatly of course but it’s a start. We have always said we wouldn’t let our kids get away with treating us like servants so we’re proud that he is already helping to keep his own things neat. He likes to play fetch too, as strange as that sounds. We can make a game out of asking him to go find things (books, his baby, shoes, etc) and he is so proud of himself when he returns to us with them.

Playgrounds and parks have become a whole lot more fun. His face lights up when we get there and he loves running around, climbing on everything and pointing at all the other kids. It’s adorable to watch him socialise around them and see him give them shy smiles.

He runs everywhere and dances to everything.

I know that he is ours so of course we’re biased but he’s honestly such a bright, happy kid. He has this incredible energy and somehow manages to light up every room and every situation. He’s just the best.

Said every parent about their own child.

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