Our Easter

This is going to be a photo heavy post as I’m quite time poor at the moment but I will give a brief run down of our 4 days of Easter.

I’ll start off by saying that Candice and I are not religious people. Easter to us simply means family time, craft activities and hunting for chocolate. It’s a really fun holiday and much less stressful than Christmas!

This was Oscar’s 2nd Easter. For his 1st one last year he was only about 6 months old so he really had no idea of what what going on and couldn’t actually participate in any of the fun as he had some serious napping to do. This year however, he was much more involved.

In the lead up, he had been creating paintings and doing a lot of Easter themed craft at his daycare, including making us this gift. A small canvas painting and some chocolates. I love receiving these gifts so much!

1 (7)

The last day before Easter holidays he had his Easter bonnet parade. Candice and I agreed to meet at our house at 3pm so we could make it to his parade at 3.30pm. I stuffed up and got the time wrong so when we arrived everyone was leaving. It was actually meant to be at 3pm! I felt really bad about it but as Candice pointed out, at least he was so young he wouldn’t have really understood what was going on. I would have felt dreadful if he was older and had expected us to be there. I can picture his sad little face, looking through the crowd for our faces and being disappointed that we weren’t there. So next year, we’re turning up 30 minutes early. Even though we missed it, we hung around for a while taking some family photos and chatting to the staff.

6 (2)4 (6)3 (8)

On Easter Friday, we stayed home and did some art activities. This kid loves a paint brush in his hand. I love the wonder and joy on his face in these photos.

4 (5)3 (7)2 (6)1 (6)

On Saturday, we had his Grandparents over for a BBQ and dyed some eggs. We gave some to Oscar to hold and he very quickly smashed them together! Crack.

1 (5)

Sunday was a big day of fun. He woke early and was excited to see the the Easter Bunny had visited and left big foot prints and a basket of goodies on his bed. What followed was simply adorable.

10 (1)

9 (1)

8 (1)

6 (1)


5 (1)

3 (6)

2 (5)

4 (4)

Later that day we went to my brother’s house for a family lunch and for the long awaited Easter Egg Hunt.

4 (7)

5 (2)

6 (3)

7 (1)

All the cousins together.

2 (7)

Suddenly, it was Monday. Our last day was spent playing with the hose and splashing about in the paddle pool. I did some planting, Candice did some mowing and Oscar did some pirating. What a wonderful weekend!


Happy Easter everyone!



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