22 month old chatterbox

There is a lot of chatter going on in our house lately and it’s mostly just Oscar doing the story telling. He wakes up and without skipping a beat, he will start pointing around the room and naming things. His eyes still squinty, his hair all messed up, you’ll hear him announce with such purpose, “door, light, water, pillow, phone” and my personal favourite, “wet”. The word ‘wet’ is his way of telling us that his nappy is full.

I can’t remember if I already mentioned it we have put a pause on potty training. He is able to tell us once he has already done a wee but not before so we’re not sure he’s ready. On top of that it’s winter here so it’s been far too cold to have him running around in underwear and getting off layers of clothing in a rush isn’t very fun for anyone. He seems to be able to preempt a number two, however we need to be super quick. He has managed to use the potty successfully for both a pee and a poo but in all honesty I don’t think Candice and I were quite up to the challenge during these cold months. So the new plan is to start it up again in Summer. We still ask him every evening if he wants to go on the potty before his bath and he does so willingly but 9 out of 10 times he doesn’t do anything. We figure it’s just good to keep him familiar with the idea.

In what feels like overnight, Oscar has learnt to name colours. Pink, yellow, blue, green, purple are the ones he has down perfectly. So now not only is he naming objects but also naming their colour. All of that makes for a lot of chatter, all of the time. I love it though, I really do. He attempts to repeat every word, no matter how difficult. I think my favourite word that he says right now is ‘Astronaut’ or as he says it ‘Asshnauuut’. It totally kills me. I also love how he says ‘owwie’ when he bumps himself and ‘yummy’ while rubbing his belly when eating. In addition to all those cute words, we’re hearing the word ‘no’ a lot lately, even when he doesn’t mean it.

Me: “Would you like a sandwich?”

Oscar: “No!”

Me: “Would you like a yoghurt?”

Oscar: “No!”

Me: “What about cheese?”

Oscar: “No!”

Me: “Come on kid, what about a banana?”

Oscar: “No!”

Of course, I place each one down in front of him and he gobbles up a bit of everything.

Physically, Oscar has made big leaps. Quite literally. He jumps and actually gets air, he climbs on everything like monkey and runs without fear of falling. He’s no stranger to a paintbrush and will pick one up with confidence. He will easily cover his entire blackboard with chalk if he’s drawing, making sure there isn’t a blank space left.

He has also become a lot more assertive with our two dogs which is great. He points and tells them to ‘sit’, or how it sounds when he says it – “shiiit”. Or when they get up in his face and he doesn’t like it, he says, “NO!” very loudly and they back off. It’s so important that our dogs know that Oscar won’t be pushed around.

So it’s his birthday soon and we said we wouldn’t have a party but now we probably will. Not a big party like last year, just a small one with a handful of people (mostly family), party food and a few balloons at home. It should be nice and relaxed!


The House of Sleep

It has now been exactly 3 weeks since we began our mission to get Oscar to sleep through the night. We’ve had so much success that I can still hardly believe it.

If you follow us on Instagram then you may have already read our update explaining how we were going about it. We researched gentle methods and tried to make it a simple enough plan so that we could easily follow through with it. The basic rules were to no longer give in to his night-time bottles (he has become quite dependent on several through the night) and to support him by being there in the room with him any time that he woke (patting, cuddling, reassuring him that we were there, etc). The change we’ve seen in such a short time has been amazing. He hasn’t had a bottle through the night in 3 weeks and is resettling himself quickly when he starts making stirring sounds.

We know at any point that teething or sickness could interrupt this new found sleep success but that okay. Of course he’s going to sleep badly when he’s feeling like rubbish, I know I do.

In addition to him sleeping through, Oscar is now eating a whole lot more during the day. He wakes up asking for breakfast before he’s even out of bed some days, which is unheard of around here. Meal time was always a struggle but now he’s eating a 3 course breakfast, lots of snacks through the day, a decent lunch and an okay dinner. I say an okay dinner because that’s the meal he’s least interested in. Some days he will still demolish a bowl of pasta and ask for more but often he won’t finish what we give him. It could be because it’s late in the day and he’s getting tired and grumpy. Perhaps by that point he’s just ready for his bath, his pre bed bottle and bedtime. Whatever the reason, we’re not worried.

We’re super proud of how far he has come in such a short time.

He’s talking more and more everyday and reading books is probably his favourite thing to do. Last night before his bedtime, he brought me 11 books and we read every single one. Some of them twice.

Candice and I watched a documentary on Netflix the other night called The Beginning of Life. I have such a genuine interest in child developement, especially the formative years and so much of this doco resonated with me. As I watched it, I was nodding along and mentally agreeing with so much. Babies and toddlers are amazing and I don’t believe that anything they do is pointless. They’re learning 24/7 and I find that so interesting.

After watching it, I realised that there are some areas that I would like to work on. The main one is expanding the range of words I use when I speak to and explain things to Oscar. I tend to dumb things down when talking to him. If I point out a boat to him, I call it a boat. If I point out a yacht to him, I call it a boat. If I point out a ship to him, I call it a boat. If I point out a canoe to him, you guessed it. I call it a boat. Often when speaking to him, I refer to the taste of things as ‘yummy’ instead of using words such as spicy, sweet, tangy. Everything is just ‘yummy’. I think it’s because I worry that I might confuse him but I really needn’t have those concerns. I don’t need to dumb things down for him. How is he ever going to learn these words if he never hears us speak them to him? Kids are so clever and over the next few years Oscar is going to be absorbing everything and 22 motnhs isn’t too young  to be hearing so many new words, its actually the perfect age.

In other news, we’ve decided to hold off on baby number two for about 6 months. One part of me feels disappointed but the overwhelming part of me feels more relaxed. Everything just clicks in and makes more sense to wait a little bit longer so that’s what we’re going to do!