The big two

It’s been  almost a month since Oscar turned 2!

As I mentioned previously, we decided to throw him a party again this year with just our families invited. It made the whole day so much more relaxing and easy! We didn’t feel that stress of having to be constantly moving throughout the party, making sure that we were finding the time to chat to each guest. Not having to check if anyone needed their drink refilled or had enough food. Not having to introduce different groups of people and encourage mingling. Both my family and Candice’s family are comfortable here and we knew they could just help themselves, chat with ease and best of all Candice and I could relax and watch Oscar enjoy his day.

His party was pirate themed and Candice requested that everyone (even the adults) dress up a little. Almost everyone did and it just made the day a little bit more silly and fun. It was a great day and at the end Candice was able to put together some footage and make this little video.

Oscar’s 2nd birthday video

We had his party the day before his actual birthday so that we could have a quiet day with just the 3 of us to celebrate. He has become obsessed with trains so we decided to visit the train museum where he could run wild and explore. I know a museum sounds like a weird place to take a 2-year-old but it’s actually a great area for kids. A few times a year, a giant Thomas the Tank Engine comes to visit and the kids apparently go nuts for it. For that reason we bought a family annual pass so we can take him back when Thomas is next in town. Plus it’ll be great for those rainy days as it’s all indoors, including the playground.

Here are some photos from inside the museum. He loved the bikes!


I feel like I have a lot to catch up on as it’s been a while since I have posted on here. I was having some issues with my laptop and for some reason, I really don’t enjoy writing from inside the study. So many times I sat down at the desk but gave up. But my laptop is now fixed so here I am sitting outside on the deck, tapping away. I have several more posts that I will try to get out this week before they get lost inside my head.

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