Little boy, Oscar

In 6 weeks, our kiddo is going to being 2.5 years old. What a ride it’s been. I’ve haven’t done a general update for a while so here is a quick run down.

Overall, things are easy.

He communicates well and is a happy, active child. His health has been great and I actually can’t remember the last time he was sick. He’s an inconsistent eater but somehow he has an amazing immune system! He goes through periods where he is a bottomless pit and I’m shocked that he is able to fit so much into his tiny toddler body. I think it’s during these times that he must be having a growth spurt because he really does demolish a LOT of food during those periods but they only last 3-4 days. The rest of the time, he doesn’t appear to eat enough but maybe I offer food too frequently or too much of it. He is a healthy weight for his age and height so that’s all we need to focus on. Speaking of height, he’s a tall kid. He’s in the 95th percentile for height at the moment so one day we expect he’ll tower over his parents. His Mumma is quite tall though so maybe it’ll just be me that has to look up.

He loves playing with his matchbox cars and you will find him with 1 (or 3) squeezed in his little fist almost all the time. We can’t seem to leave the house without him needing to take handfuls of them. They’re scattered everywhere all over our the place, in backpacks, in our cars, in his sandpit, in the bath. I actually have 2 of them in my handbag right now. Matchbox cars are a true love of his.

As are books and nursery rhymes. Reading books with him is one of my favourite things. I love that the house is quiet and how he cuddles in really close. I love how when we finish a book, he takes it off me and turns the pages, ‘reading it’ back to me. I love how when I ask him if he wants to go get another book, he says, “Yeaah!”.

He continues to sleep through the night which we are so grateful for. Getting him to sleep in the evening is never easy but once he’s asleep we know he’s down for the whole night. Nap times on the other hand are a breeze! He will easily sleep for 2+ hours (generally 11.30 – 2) and it’s never really hard to get him down for them, usually under 10 minutes.

Call this age what you will; terrible twos, terrific twos, boundary pushing age. It’s actually not as bad as it seems in the moment. I’ve done a lot of head scratching, head shaking and head holding over the last few months but as I said at the start of this post, things are over all easy.

So what better time to start work on having another one. We’re early in the process but the ball is rolling and baby number two is in our plan for this next year. Obviously we’re hoping to get lucky and be pregnant in the next few months but at the same time, it all feels less urgent than the last time around. We have already decided that if the first cycle that we do doesn’t work than we will have a 2 month break before trying again. We already have a kid that keeps us on our toes so we’re not rushing this next one.


Little bumps

When something happens or I’m having a tough day, I quickly jot down my thoughts in bullet point with the intention of coming back to them and writing a blog post. The problem that I’m finding is that by the time I get around to writing that blog post, whatever the problem was, it’s no longer an issue. Short lived bumps in the roads. Moments of frustration or anxiety that at the time felt huge and unbearable, now seem minor.

I guess it goes to show how fleeting these days really are. It feels like an absolute eternity when we’re smack bam in the middle of a difficult time. The list of troubles I have written down are all within the space of a few months and it would seem that every week there is something new that I am ‘struggling’ with. I’m not an incompetent mother, not by a long shot. I just have yet to learn that not everything needs to be a mountain. Nine times out of ten, it’s damn molehill and I need to start seeing it for what it is, not for what it could turn in to.

Easier said than done, I realise that.

Let’s call it a work in progress.