Little bumps

When something happens or I’m having a tough day, I quickly jot down my thoughts in bullet point with the intention of coming back to them and writing a blog post. The problem that I’m finding is that by the time I get around to writing that blog post, whatever the problem was, it’s no longer an issue. Short lived bumps in the roads. Moments of frustration or anxiety that at the time felt huge and unbearable, now seem minor.

I guess it goes to show how fleeting these days really are. It feels like an absolute eternity when we’re smack bam in the middle of a difficult time. The list of troubles I have written down are all within the space of a few months and it would seem that every week there is something new that I am ‘struggling’ with. I’m not an incompetent mother, not by a long shot. I just have yet to learn that not everything needs to be a mountain. Nine times out of ten, it’s damn molehill and I need to start seeing it for what it is, not for what it could turn in to.

Easier said than done, I realise that.

Let’s call it a work in progress.




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