Here we go again…

Well, we made a decision. We are now officially signed up for an IVF stim cycle next month. We had no more embryos to continue transfers and if we want another baby, this is our best bet.

It’s been exactly 4 years since the last Gonal-F/Orgalutran injections so there are a few nervous feelings but overall, we feel positive about it all. Having a 4 month break has helped get my mind out of the fog it was in for so long. I also think that we are much more prepared now for a negative outcome. One thing that we are both 100% certain of, is that we will not be buying anymore donor sperm if this IVF cycle fails.

Now that I’m closing in on my mid-thirties, we don’t want to keep trying for years to come. We don’t want Oscar’s childhood to continue to be tainted by our attempts to have another child when we already have this amazing kid. We really are so lucky. Oscar is as close to perfect as you can get.

I’m curious to know how many embryos we will get. I’m on the same Gonal-F dosage and meds as last time and the same schedule. Our doctor explained it to us as, “I would like to use the same recipe, after all we did get Oscar plus 2 pregnancies out of the last batch!”. She’s positive which is nice. She reminded me that I’m only 34 and she doesn’t think the quality of my eggs are the problem.

I have decided to document the process on this blog. It might help keep me sane over the next few months! Fingers crossed anyway.