Hoping for 5 day transfer

On Friday morning, Candice called the doctor’s office to find out how many eggs had fertilised overnight. She was told that two out of two eggs had indeed fertilised and were now growing embryos! She then called me, forgetting that I had specifically asked her not to call. The whole reason I didn’t call the doctors office myself was because I knew I would burst into tears and wouldn’t be able to speak if it was bad news. I’ve been in that position before and hated it. I was holding my phone when she called and panicked. I dropped (threw) my phone at the bed and just stood there staring at it as it rang. When it stopped ringing, a text came through from her that just said ‘2/2 fertilised’ with a happy emoticon. The relief washed over me but only really lasted a few seconds until I remembered that the embryos still had 4 days of growing to do. But I thanked the universe and allowed myself to be happy anyway.

Today is Monday morning and we didn’t receive a call over the weekend with bad news so I’m assuming that the 2 embryos are still multiplying and doing their thing. At least we hope so. My stomach drops every time my phone has made a noise but there is now less than 24 hours until the transfer is booked so we just need to get through today and tonight. A few people have asked if we will be transferring 2 embryos if they both make it to 5 days. We won’t be, we plan to only transfer 1 and freeze the other if both happen to make it. Fingers crossed that my next update will be about the actual transfer tomorrow!

Here’s a photo of my big baby, still as beautiful as ever.



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