One day post blastocyst transfer

Yesterday morning we were on route to the hospital for the embryo transfer. With morning traffic it takes about 45 minutes so we figured we would be fine but what we didn’t account for was being held up by an accident. When the highway came to a stand still after only 15 minutes on the road, I updated my Maps app and saw that it had added almost 90 minutes to our journey! We were told to arrive at 7.30am but with the hold up it looked like we wouldn’t make it there until after 8.30. I started going into panic mode when Candice suggested that I message our doctor and see if the transfer could be delayed. While I was waiting for a reply, the traffic started moving slowly. Our time of arrival improved and then continued to improve until the traffic cleared all together. During this time our doctor had replied to my message, telling us not to stress and to drive safely, everything was fine. In the end we got there at 7.55am. My stress levels were through the roof though.

We took the elevator up to level 4, I got changed into the gown and went straight into theatre 1 to see our nice doctor waiting. The nurse told me to climb up onto the table and both the nurse and our doctor left for a moment. Candice said something about the room seeming smaller than usual and I started crying. A combination of relief to have made it, mixed with the terror I always feel before the actual transfer and probably a little of the fertility drugs and hormones still in my body.

The scientist came in and gave us the good news that we had a really good embryo to transfer. It was graded a 3AA which is the best we could hope for. She also explained that our 2nd embryo wasn’t doing as well. They would continue growing it and and if it improved, they would freeze it either that afternoon or the next morning. We were told to just call the next day to find out if it was able to be frozen.

Then came the actual transfer. I hate this part and as usual my tilted cervix made the whole procedure long and awful. But she got there in the end and our beautiful embryo was placed in its new home. Hopefully for the next 9 months.

So now we are in the two week wait, or more accurately the 10 day wait. The blood test will be on the 23rd of February and we will probably do a home test either the day before or on the morning of the blood test, just to mentally prepare.

This afternoon I called the doctors office to find out how our other embryo went. She told me that it had made it to blastocyst stage by yesterday afternoon but it was a 3CC grade, which is really poor. They decided to give it a little more time overnight to see if it would improve but by this morning it was all but dead. I feel really sad about that and a whole lot more pressure knowing that this is now officially our last shot.

So if you’re reading this, cross your fingers. We need it and would truly appreciate any positive vibes and luck you have to throw our way.




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