First trimester down

My last update on here was 2 months ago. I did not intend to go that long between posts but the morning/all day sickness plus simply having no energy has meant it’s turned out that way. The good news is that as of today, I am 12 weeks, 2 days! I’m so excited to be entering the second trimester and hopefully start to get some energy back.

Once we got past the initial 6 weeks of waiting to know if it was going to be viable, this pregnancy has since been almost identical to the one I had with Oscar. Same level of nausea, same timing of the round ligament pain in my lower back, same lack of energy and fatigue. I would say that the only difference so far is that I’m showing a LOT earlier. At 12 weeks, my bump looks about the same as it did when I was 18 weeks pregnant with Oscar! I’m told that it’s normal for women to show earlier in their second pregnancy but I feel quite embarrassed about it. I’ve had one person assume I’m 20 weeks pregnant, I’ve had another say, “Are you sure it’s not twins?”I just feel uncomfortable all the time. When I’m wearing my normal clothes, everything feels tight and restrictive which adds to the nausea. I’ve partially given in and I’m now wearing maternity pants/shorts etc when I’m at home but still wearing my normal work clothing during office hours. Luckily while I’m at work, I’m hidden behind a lab coat most of the time so my bulging belly under my blouse can’t be really noticed.

Next week on Tuesday, we have the Nuchal Translucency scan. I’m looking forward to seeing how much the baby has grown and getting final confirmation that at this stage everything looks healthy. We also have a routine scan with our OB next Friday which means getting to see the baby twice in one week, yay. So far we have had 2 scans, one at 7 weeks and the second at just under 10 weeks.The last time one we had it was still looking quite blobby but measured perfectly with a strong heartbeat. Our OB was able to point out its head and also its legs/nubs wriggling about which was both awesome and weird.

Here is our 7 weeks scan.

1 (15)


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