15+ weeks already!

At this point, I’ve pretty much accepted that there is just no way I can update this blog as often as I managed to when pregnant with Oscar. I’m so much more tired this time around and I’m also still feeling waves of nausea. Between a really busy work schedule, being a parent to a 3 year old and sleeping every chance I get, it leaves very little time to come on here. Candice has taken on soooo much of the parenting but even so, I still wake up exhausted after a nap. While I’m waiting for some pasta to boil, here’s a run down of the last few weeks.

We had the Nuchal Translucency scan and everything looked perfect. The baby is very active which was awesome to see. I’ve been so lethargic and low on energy that it actually surprised me to see how much movement is going on in there. All the test results came back low risk which is excellent news. A healthy, bouncy baby which is more than we could have hoped for.


Prior to the Nuchal Translucency scan we also had the harmony test (NIPT) as extra reassurance. Everything came back as low risk which meant walking into the NT scan, we felt a whole lot less anxious. We initially decided not to find out the fetal sex of the baby but then changed our minds. I’m really glad we did decide to find out as it has made this pregnancy feel a whole lot more real now.

We threw together a gathering of just immediate family to share the news that we are expecting a baby girl. To be honest, it was quite a shock to both of us. It’s been difficult to imagine having a daughter as all we’ve ever know is having a son. But we are beyond excited and can’t wait to meet her. Before we popped the balloon, someone asked Oscar if he wanted a baby brother or a baby sister. Lucky for us, he declared, “Baby sister!”.


12 (2)2 (15)

I have a few more updates but my pasta is done so I’ll finish up this post and hopefully jump back on in a couple of days.

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