A little scare for Mother’s day

After the recent appointment with our obstetrician, we hadn’t planned to see her again until mid June which would be just after the 20 week morphology scan. Since I’ve been feeling the daily reminders that this pregnancy is indeed progressing normally – nausea, back pain etc – I felt confident that I could go 6 weeks before needing a check up. But then last Thursday night I had a little bleeding/spotting.

I’ve been having a difficult time at work, and last week I was particularly struggling with the graveyard hours of 10pm-6am and feeling so exhausted. I knew I was pushing myself too far physically as my lower back pain had become so awful that I was having to walk with a limp. Any pressure in the joints around my hips and tailbone made me flinch with each step. I work in a laboratory and in an effort to avoid all chemicals, I’m taking on a lot of tasks I usually wouldn’t. A rack of samples can weigh up to 6kgs each so bending and lifting these for analysis when you have back pain isn’t fun. Anyway, it was almost the end of my shift when I used the bathroom to find a small amount of blood. My heart immediately fell into the pit of my stomach. I never had anything like this during my pregnancy with Oscar so I went into panic mode. A quick search on google told me that spotting in pregnancy is actually quite common with about 20% of cases classified as unexplained. By the time I got home, the spotting had stopped. I called the obstetrician the next day and made an appointment for the following week.

The next day, Candice and I took Oscar camping/glamping for Mother’s Day weekend which was exactly what we needed! Sitting by a crackling fire helped to take our minds off everything. There was also very limited phone reception which I really appreciated. Being disconnected from the rest of the world made the whole weekend so much better.


I was back at work on Monday and immediately started having trouble with my back again. I woke up today with more spotting so I was relieved to realise that today was the day of the OB appointment. The first thing she did was a quick scan which showed an active baby, a strong heartbeat and plenty of amniotic fluid. Next she did a speculum exam which showed that my cervix is completely closed and no signs of infection. She could see small traces of blood but nothing major. All good results. So I guess for the moment, I’m part of the 20% of women with unexplained bleeding during pregnancy. She gave me a medical certificate which states that I will need to be placed on light duties at work so I’m hoping that will help to lessen the back pain I’ve been having. In one month I’ll be at the halfway mark of 20 weeks. Although this pregnancy has felt far more stressful and harder than the one I had with Oscar, it’s going a LOT quicker.

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