22 weeks

I don’t have all that much to update on here except that I am now 22 weeks. The next appointment we have isn’t until the 17th July when I’ll be just over 24 weeks along. We’re hoping to have a better idea of things after that scan. The last scan had shown the deepest pocket of amniotic fluid to be 1.6cm which was lower than the deepest pocket measured 5 days prior, at 2.56cm. We’re obviously hoping to see an increase, not a decrease, at the next scan. We also need to make sure she is still growing and that the limited space isn’t slowing her down too much.

I’ve been drinking so much water and getting as much rest as I can. I’ve been eating food that is high in water content and avoiding those that are known to dehydrate. I’ve cut out what little caffeine I was having, so it’s strictly decaf tea (limited to 2 cups a day as water is my main source of hydration) and goodbye to my beloved dark chocolate. Basically anything that can act as a diuretic is out of my life. I’m trying not to stand for periods longer than 15 minutes (although sometimes it’s hard to avoid) and I’m only sleeping on my left side in order to increase blood flow and circulation to the placenta. I’ve been put in contact with a few PPROM support groups which seem to have good advice on which foods are good/bad as well as some positive success stories from people who have gone on to have healthy babies. It’s been helping me to feel a bit more positive overall, though of course there is still a lot of fear.

I’ve been doing some research on the neonatal intensive acre unit and finding out a lot of really helpful information. If we’re going to have a premature baby, then I want to be as prepared as possible. We will also have the appointment at the NICU in a few weeks, where I’m sure our eyes will be opened. In the meantime, I’m collecting all the articles I can on how to handle NICU life, what questions to ask the nurses, resources on how to get the most out of pumping breast milk for tube fed infants, the benefits of music therapy on NICU babies, and even a diagram of an incubator with all the tubes, masks and monitors, labelled and explained. I’m trying to take some of the fear out of it, though I imagine that nothing could really prepare a parent for seeing their tiny baby attached to all that equipment.

Physically and emotionally, no two days seem to be the same lately. One day I feel positive and full of hope, the next day it’s a struggle to feel any happiness. Physically, it’s the same – one day I’m feeling really drained, queasy and dizzy but the next I feel like I suddenly have energy and strength again. One day I can feel strong kicks all day long but the next barely anything at all. It’s just confusing trying to work out which of these are normal pregnancy side effects and which might be a sign of impending labor.

I really want to make it to at least 28 weeks. But with how slow the days seem to drag on it feels so far away and an almost impossible goal at this point. But other people have done it, so why not me.