27 weeks and things looking good

It’s been 5 weeks since my last post so I have a bit of catching up to do. The scan we had at 24 weeks was really positive! All the bed rest and over the top water consumption had done the trick, with fluid levels increasing to a total of 7cm. They actually found 4 pockets of fluid to measure, compared to only 1 measurable pocket (1.6cm) at the 20 week scan, so it was great improvement. The size of baby’s chest was still smaller than average and the heart to lung ratio wasn’t great due to past compression but other than that, fetal growth was spot on!

Last week we had another scan at 26 weeks which showed that the levels were still sitting about the same which I’ll admit, I was a little disappointed with. Obviously I had hoped to see a big jump like the previous scan so I initially felt a bit disheartened. It didn’t take long for me to come around and appreciate that the fact the levels didn’t go down was the most important thing. As long as the levels are above 5cm, I can’t complain. Once again, fetal growth was perfect for that gestation and this time there was even an improvement in the heart to lung ratio, which shows her lungs are developing.

We are meant to go back again for another scan at 28 weeks but I’m hoping to stretch that appointment out closer to 29 weeks if my OB says it ok. Tomorrow I have the gestational diabetes test which I’m not looking forward to. Most mornings I feel quite queasy when I first wake up so the idea of having to fast for 10 hours and consume that disgustingly sweet drink isn’t something I’m overly keen on. Hopefully the test goes quickly.

I’m leaking more and more amniotic fluid which worries me but at the same time, the baby is clearly replacing the fluid quickly enough now that she is bigger. I can no longer get away with not needing to wear a sanitary pad at all times now. Every 4 hours or so, it fills enough to need replacing and a couple of times I’ve leaked so much that it has overflowed and soaked through my pants. It’s so stressful and leaves me feeling quite emotional. All I can do it drink even more water and try not to move too much which isn’t always easy.

I hate not knowing whether I’ll make it to full term or not. I’m told that the biggest concern is now infection. The amniotic sac is no longer a sterile environment due to the tear so there is a real risk of bacteria getting into the amniotic fluid. I’ve been taking pregnancy probiotics since 20 weeks in an attempt to flood my body with good bacteria but realise I have little control over what happens.

Some really good news – survival rate for premature babies born around 27 weeks isĀ really good. Somewhere between 80% – 85% in fact. So I can definitely say that we are feeling much better about everything over all. Better yet, by 31 weeks the expected survival rate is 95% so these next few weeks will bring us a lot of relief. We are aware that the baby’s lungs would have likely suffered in their early development and as yet none of the specialists can tell us what affect that may have on her at birth but what we do know is that every week she stays in there the more time her lungs have to developmentally catch up.

That’s all I have for now!