It worked, it worked!!


After the longest 2 weeks in history, today was the day I could go in for the pregnancy blood test. I arrived at about 8am and asked the blood collection nurse how long until the doctor would have the results and she said about 11am. That’s THREE whole hours I thought. I’m a lab technician myself so the rational side of me should have appreciated how reasonable a 3 hour turn around actually is. But I didn’t appreciate it all! The next few hours were slow. Then I actually began to dread making the call in case it wasn’t the news I wanted. Finally at 11:31 with a push from Candice I called the doctors office.
Receptionist with the irritatingly calm voice: “Shauna, congratulaaaaations. You’re pregnannnnnt.”
(seriously she drags out every second word in a very low and creepy calm voice)
So there you have it! Pregnant.
Hands down the BEST valentines day present we have ever received!
Our little embryo hung in there. What a champ.
We aren’t silly and are well aware that there is still a 20% chance of miscarriage over the next 3 months but for today we won’t be thinking about that. Today will be filled with excitement, stomach butterflies and maybe a few happy tears.

Here is a home pregnancy test I’ve provided as a little show and tell ;-P